Vince Kolber’s 20% Tax Solution

1. Lower taxes for working families, seniors, and young adults including a 20% Flat Tax for Small Business, Corporations and Capital. Eliminate all corporate welfare and outdated tax incentives for corporations and the privileged few. Eliminate deductions for high wage earners. No Taxes upon the working poor. Middle-income taxpayers will pay less, keeping the home mortgage interest deduction for middle income taxpayers. Introduce a tax deductible home equity savings account for renters seeking to become home owners.

2. 20% Congressional pay cut in any year Congress fails to balance the Federal budget. No more excuses! A balanced federal budget will restore confidence and help create jobs.

3. 20 % cut in U.S. tax dollars going to foreign countries in any year Congress fails to balance the budget. We need those tax dollars here at home.

4. Allow fiscally irresponsible States like Illinois access to Federal Bankruptcy Courts. Illinois needs a referee, not a bailout.

Mike Quigley’s 0% Solution:

1. Mike Quigley has voted numerous times for corporate welfare and to keep outdated tax incentives in place and for a tax code that currently favors the privileged few. This special treatment forces us to pay higher taxes.

2. Mike Quigley has only voted for every unbalanced budget over eight years, and for massive U.S. Treasury borrowings taking them from 10 trillion to 20 trillion

3. Mike Quigley has voted for legislation that has caused health insurance costs to skyrocket and limit overage to small business.

4. Mike Quigley has voted to send billions of dollars overseas even to countries that harbor terrorists – hurting us here at home.