Illinois: The Promise Of What Was

The year was 2009. Looking back, we saw it as a crucial moment for not only our state but our country as a whole. The change had come, and with this change, many leaders emerged from Chicago where one party rules. Chicago ascended to the highest position of power and influence in America. An llinois Senator became President of the United States; a Chicago school superintendent became Secretary of Education; the other Senator rose to Senate leadership; a Congressman became Whitehouse Chief of Staff, and a Cook County Commissioner became a Congressman. The later is my very opponent today, Mike Quigley, in this 5th congressional district race.

These leader’s Democratic party cohorts had both houses in the Springfield and Illinois’ executive mansion. Back in Washington DC, the Chicago team had the White House and Congress under one party rule just like we have in Chicago. This was a historic moment for Illinois, if not for our entire country. Never had one party in any state achieved what Illinois Democrats achieved in 2009. There had never been a moment quite like 2009 where expectations for Illinois should have been elevated to the utmost pinnacle if we were to believe in the promise of these “progressive” leaders that more government was the solution for a brighter tomorrow.

Fast forward eight years. Where are we now? Has the great “progressive” agenda swooped in and saved the day? Are we better off as a country? How about a State? The answer is no. And no one is making the case to the contrary. So let us look at the evidence.

Our middle-income families seeking to make a living in the private sector have seen their real wages averaging less than $50 thousand per year go down while the average worker in government jobs in Illinois approaches close to $60 thousand per year. These same government employees retire early and reap lucrative pensions far exceeding their counterparts in the private sector. As a result, private sector workers and taxpayers are leaving Illinois in droves now at the rate of nearly 100 thousand per year. This means that Illinois will lose another seat in Congress by the year 2020 census just as Illinois lost one in the Census of 2010. Due to this alarming exodus of private sector workers, revenue from taxpayers to local and state government’s is declining. Families that raised their children in Illinois find that fewer of them obtain opportunities here after college making college graduates an unfortunate leading export of our state. Our best and brightest for tomorrow are leaving the state that raised them. Where will this put us over the decades to come?

The Democratic party has consistently proven over the past eight years that their “progressive” methods simply are failing. That is why Vince Kolber is running in this 5th congressional district race. Vince Kolber’s bold solutions will keep Chicago and America safe. We must have tax and regulatory reform to get our economy booming and we must bring down the debt. Let us commit to the rule of law, protecting our culture, school choice and term limits. Let us have legal immigration and secure borders. Let us reform Obamacare, Social Security, and Medicare. We need a Federal Referee for Illinois not a bailout. Let us back legislation to allow States such as Illinois to have access to Federal Bankruptcy courts. Then Illinois will be able to revive itself just like United Airlines and so many other successful turn-arounds. Support Vince Kolber, and bring bold solutions to create a brighter future for all.