Vince Kolber: For Us vs. Mike Quigley: For Them
As our next Congressman, Vince will:
  • Create good-paying jobs
  • Vince Kolber supports policies that will create good-paying jobs. Vince is a successful entrepreneur who has assisted in the creation of thousands of private sector jobs in the critical transportation industry (air, rail and sea). Vince understands the importance of earned success from a good-paying job and its fruit – a good paycheck. Vince has built his professional career by working with job holders and employers to ensure that working families have the brightest and most promising future possible.

    Congressman Mike Quigley supports policies that kill jobs and he is an absolute disaster for working families. Quigley voted for the massive Wall Street bailout of the same people who caused the financial meltdown. As a result of Mike Quigley’s actions in Congress, over 26,000 jobs were lost in Illinois during the first five months of 2014 alone. While Quigley talks a good game, his actions speak louder than his words. Illinois has the worst job creation record in the country. Did you know that the Illinois workforce is smaller today than at any time since the Great Depression?

  • Fix ObamaCare
  • Vince Kolber believes that all Americans should have access to affordable, quality healthcare and believes that ObamaCare must be fixed and made to be patient centered – taking power away from the nameless, faceless, bureaucrats who currently control the wasteful bloated system. We must put patients and families along with their doctors back in control of patient care.

    Congressman Mike Quigley voted to cut Medicare by $700 billion in order to pay for the massive amount of waste in the Affordable Care Act. Quigley voted to force us into ObamaCare while making sure his taxpayer paid for Congressional health care plan is a “Cadillac Healthcare Plan”. This is just another example of Mike Quigley’s “more for himself and less for us” record. Did you know that the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has recently reported that 30 million Americans will still not have healthcare even after massive new Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) spending? That means 8% of US citizens will remain without healthcare in 2022.

  • Protect every tax dollar and lower taxes
  • Vince Kolber believes that Congress should treat every tax dollar with great care and that taxpayers should keep more of their hard earned money. Washington is constantly taking advantage of Illinois taxpayers and taxpayers need Vince in Washington fighting for them. Vince Kolber is the right person to protect the taxpayers, families, seniors and young adults here at home. Vince Kolber supports a board 20% flat tax which keeps home interest deduction for middle income taxpayers. Low income working families will pay zero taxes and the middle- income folks will pay less.

    Mike Quigley has voted to raise taxes numerous times and has voted to increase government waste and spending. Since Mike Quigley has been elected, he has hurt working families and our state has lost over 300,000 workers. While our earning power and quality of life has decreased, Quigley has voted repeatedly to increase the national debt to $ 17.6 trillion dollars. Mike Quigley has also voted repeatedly for tax breaks for the super rich and has championed the status quo which protects the interests of the privileged few.

  • Improve education, give parents total school choice
  • Vince Kolber believes every child deserves a world-class education, regardless of income or zip code. Vince is a longtime education advocate who will bring with him to Congress a proven record of community action, expanding education choice especially for the poor. Vince Kolber believes parents and families deserve total school choice so that parents can send their children to the public, charter, parochial or private school that best fits their needs. Vince believes that education dollars should follow the child, and not fund the broken, bloated educational bureaucracy that dumbs down our schools and offers our children little hope of improving.

    Mike Quigley takes thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from anti-school reform special interests. Quigley believes that political bosses and government should dictate to parents how and where our children are educated. Mike Quigley is against local parents and against letting them decide which school to send their children to even if that school is inferior and failing. Mike Quigley is bought and paid for by the same status quo special interests that in recent memory have failed to properly educate our children and have failed to provide a safe and quality learning environment for our children here at home.

  • Support immigration and the American Dream
  • America has always been a beacon of hope and opportunity for the world. Vince Kolber has the most progressive and family-friendly position on immigration of any Republican Congressional candidate in the country. Vince Kolber firmly supports the American Dream and those who come to America seeking opportunity and a better life. We need to secure our borders and fix our broken immigration system while also recognizing that new Americans who come seeking a better life for themselves and their families are no different than previous generations. The problem now is our immigration system is in shambles and our borders are no longer secure. It is ridiculous to think that we’re somehow going to roundup and deport the 20 million or so undocumented souls who now call America home. All honest and hardworking immigrants should be afforded the clear opportunity to work towards a full documented status as the first step as long as they have been law-abiding productive members of society. Anyone who has come here and has broken the law, hurt other immigrants, or have endangered the life, liberty or property of others, should be deported and refused re-entry. And we must secure our border to prevent the re-entry of deported criminals and to affirm our sovereignty.

    Congressman Mike Quigley is actually not too bad on immigration yet he has failed to lead on this issue when the opportunity presented itself. Quigley has never had an original idea on the subject but has simply been a rubber stamp for the ideas and lack of leadership of others.

  • Stop government spying into our personal lives
  • Vince Kolber believes government spying on U.S. citizens must stop. No more random spying, wholesale data gathering and listening in on our private communications – this government invasion of our privacy is wrong. Vince also believes that all men and women are created equal regardless of race, color, creed or sexual orientation. Vince believes wholeheartedly that ‘by the people, for the people’ means exactly that. Vince Kolber believes in a society that seeks to protect the rights of its citizens instead of invading, controlling and restraining individual freedom. Vince will for fight for the growth of freedom and will battle every day in Congress to give power back to people. This will return our nation to the principles of freedom and liberty that our nation was founded on and most importantly restore economic growth.

    Mike Quigley believes in ‘Big Brother Government’ and that government should control our lives to discourage economic growth. Mike Quigley does not have our interests at heart. Quigley voted numerous times to empower government to snoop and spy into our private lives. For example, Quigley voted against the Conyers/Amash Amendment which would have limited the National Security Agency’s (NSA) program of mass domestic spying. Mike Quigley’s entire legislative record points to his willingness to have government control our lives and thereby demoralize our personal ambitions Quigley even voted for the Cyber intelligence sharing and protection act (CISPA) which further allows government to pry into our private lives.

  • Eliminate corporate welfare and outdated tax incentives for the privileged few
  • Vince Kolber will work to end corporate welfare and will insist that everyone pay their fair share. This is the best way to protect working families, small business and the middle-income earners who are getting squeezed at both ends. All corporations would have to pay 20% on all earnings so that working families pay less while still keeping the deductions for your primary residence.

    Mike Quigley is the poster child for corporate welfare and higher taxes favoring the privileged few, having voted repeatedly for the status quo keeping corporate welfare in place and giving away millions of dollars to special interests and corporations. These corporate giveaways make small business, working families and the middle-income earners pay more. Quigley: bad for us, good for crony capitalists.

  • Support term limits to stop career politicians
  • Vince Kolber believes in citizen action and supports term limits to stop career politicians. Vince will also refuse a taxpayer-funded pension and healthcare.

    Mike Quigley is a career politician and is the poster child for a “politician for life”: Quigley is taking a sweetheart taxpayer-funded pension and taking his “better than ours” Cadillac congressional health care plan.