Vince Kolber

For United States Congress
Illinois’ 5th District

Husband, Father, Community Leader, Entrepreneur

Vince Kolber is an entrepreneur, civic leader, husband & father who has called the 5th congressional district home for
his entire adult life. Vince Kolber’s personal story matches the hopes, dreams and aspirations of his future constituents.

Born of Polish immigrant stock, Vince learned the values of hard work and family that immigrants bring to here, home of the American Dream. The youngest of three brothers, Vince learned honesty and integrity at an early age. Vince was raised to be a good listener, to value the opinions of others and to seek opportunities to serve the community.

Vince started his first job as a young boy, cleaning dog kennels before rushing home to deliver the evening paper. Vince worked his way through school as a short order cook, janitor and truck driver, among many jobs. Vince would say: “I did whatever I could to support myself, be successful, stay out of debt and make my parents proud.” In Congress my goal is to create good-paying jobs through tax reform and economic growth, protect seniors and working families, and to ensure a better future and increase opportunity for every family and young adult in the 5th congressional district.”

Vince left his boyhood home of West Seneca, New York, to attend Wharton, the business school at the University of Pennsylvania. Vince then earned his MBA from the University of Chicago, attending school at night while working as a
banker. He launched his own equipment leasing business focused on the transportation industry during one of the most difficult periods of 1982. Vince is the founder and principal of RESIDCO, which has supported the creation, expansion and maintenance of thousands of jobs here at home and across the country. Through RESIDCO he has served the Railroad and Airline industries and has helped them rise from the most difficult circumstances of bankruptcies. Today both industries are on solid ground and have bright futures. This successful experience of creating growth in the most difficult of circumstances makes him uniquely qualified to confront the same problems facing Illinois and America.

Vince serves on the board of Little Sisters of the Poor and has always been active in his local community. Vince is a significant supporter and board member of the Big Shoulders Foundation, which provides support to Chicago’s most needy inner city parish schools . Vince chaired the board of directors a St. Genevieve, a mostly Hispanic K-8 school on Chicago’s West Side. Vince is running for Congress on a platform of job creation, government living within its means, eliminating waste, fraud and abuse, ending crony capitalism and corporate welfare while eliminating tax breaks for the privileged few in favor of lower tax rates for all. Most importantly, Vince will help keep Chicago and America safe and work to protect our culture and the rule of law. Vince offered bold solutions as an entrepreneur which created a brighter future for the industries he served. He is offering bold solutions and a brighter future to the people of the 5th district he is seeking to serve. With your help, Vince Kolber will be elected Illinois’ newest congressman.

Vince and his wife Patricia with their children: Susan, Laura and David.

July 07, 2014. 
Vince Kolber Photo Session