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Congressional Underdog Offers Bold Solutions

Illinois is hemorrhaging people at the rate of 100,000 per year and red ink at more than $5 billion per year.  The State, collectively, owes $200 Billion more than it owns.  Civil order is fragile and Chicago public schools continue to fail the least among us.  Meanwhile, the Chicago electorate seems oblivious as it supports the status quo over and over.  Is Chicago ready to rise?
With the help of Quigley’s voting record, Illinois is becoming a failed state.  At the same time,  America’s stature in the world has eroded with failed undertakings in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lybia and the Ukraine. Our borders are porous increasing the chances of radical Islamic terrorists to strike at will. Like Illinois, America continues to spend more than it collects. The U.S. spends$500 billion per year more than it takes in. America owes $80 trillion more than it owns.Since 2009 America has borrowed nearly $10 trillion issuing more US Treasury obligations in that short period than over our entire 233 year history up to then. Our economy is stalling as more people go part time or leave the work force all together. Our failed political class sells our Nation’s soul by fleecing our young with unimaginable debt accumulation at it pursues its war upon the young and the to-be-born. Thomas Jefferson warned us that it is immoral for one generation to leave its debt upon the next.  Yet that is exactly where we are today. Representative Quigley’s leadership has done nothing to face these serious issues.

Vince Kolber is an Independent Outsider running for Congress who understands these problems better than most.He has had enough. Have you? Vince started and built an equipment leasing company 34 years ago. His company serves the airline and railroad industries.He is a job creator and his business supports thousands of jobs in transportation.Vince has successfully created growth even when the railroads and airlines went bankrupt. He brought optimism, discipline with bold & creative solutions to troubled circumstances always focused on the brighter possibilities down the road. Vince is offering bold solutions to our problems in Illinois and Washington DC such as no Chicago candidate has ever offered.Like the average American, Vince knows there’s a better way.

Vince is running to make America really grow again and to block the rise of debt that his generation is immorally loading upon the next. He will bring bold solutions and a brighter future for our youth and the least among us.